Information Communication Technology Executive


The Information Communication Technology (ICT) Directorate, which is directly accountable to the president of Injibara University, is responsible for managing the overall ICT infrastructure, services and systems. It manages the data network infrastructure, service provisioning systems like Data-centers and telecommunication services for the proper functioning of duties in the university. ICT is an accepted element in all our lives in general and in higher education in particular. In recent times, in higher education, ICT is playing a significant role in streamlining university’s business processes to enable fundamental needs of academic strategies and university operations. In the meantime, the ICT directorate is engaged in the development of modern datacenter infrastructure so that the university’s business process can be automated.

The directorate envisions to make Injibara University high-tech University by providing technology that works anytime and anywhere in all its business activities.

Dawed Omer

Information Communication Technology Executive

Tel: +2519 74 467 474